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Three-Sleeve Pin Connector - Installation Instructions

1) Prepare your two cable ends according to manufactures specifications, wipe them clean and prepare for connection as earlier outlined in the Cable and Connector Application. 

(2) Remove the three-piece sleeve from the pouch. Remove one inner sleeve and position it on one of the two prepared cables. Slide the remaining outer and inner sleeve, intact onto the other cable end. Position these sleeves so as to allow enough room for connection.

Installation Diagram #1

(3) Install slice connector onto both cable. Complete connection. 

(4) Slide the inner sleeve and the inner and outer sleeve (intact) back along the both cables and butt the sleeve ends up to and against either end of the splice connector. 

(5) With a slight twisting and pushing motion, slide the outer sleeve up and over the splice connector, and center it over the connector so as to have equal amounts of shrink sleeve at both ends of the connector. Properly installed, a small portion of the two inner sleeves (A) is visible at opposite ends of the outer sleeve. If final adjustments of the two inner sleeves are needed so as to remain butted to the splice connector end nuts (B), then do so now. The installation in now complete.

Installation Diagram #2