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Cable and "F" Terminating Caps

Photo of Poly-Chem Shrink Terminating Caps Poly-Chem Shrink Terminating Caps are molded within one closed end to cover, encapsulate and protect the "F" Connector and loose drop cable reel ends from moisture and corrosion. Simply remove the end cap when reusing the cable and connector with the double hook blade (11-961) of your utility knife. 

(1) Prepare cable, connector and center conductor length to accepted industry standards. If center conductor length is longer, trim accordingly. 

(2) Slip end cap over the connector and position cap so as to allow at least 1/4" space between the trimmed end of the center conductor and the inside wall of the end cap. Do not push the center conductor tip against the end cap. Installation is now complete and the end cap will shrink, as it dries, tightly over the drop cable end and/or cable and connector. 

NOTE: Poly-Chem Shrink end caps are available in a variety of different colors. The standard color is red. They are also available for all sizes of drop cable and connectors. The installation procedure is identical for every application regardless of cable or connector sizes.