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Contech PolyFlex SFT-150 Tape - Installation Instructions

Contech's Poly-Flex SFT-150 Self-Fusing Tape protects irregular adapters such as Housing-to-Housing Coupling Connectors and Right Angle Connectors. 

It can also be used to repair damaged or abraded cable jackets without disconnecting or interrupting services to your customers. The Poly-Flex SFT-150 Self-Fusing Tape is a synthetic rubber compound formulated to bond to itself. As you stretch the tape, its memory will attempt to return to its original unstressed position, applying constant pressure onto itself. As it applies this pressure, it begins an immediate bonding process that unifies it into one solid piece. However, unlike other tapes, Poly-Flex will not become unusable if it is touched to itself. 

(1) Begin by removing only enough tape from the roll to cover the connector, adapter and/or damaged cable area. Tear across the tape, and remove the attached white backing paper

(2) Hold the tape end down on the object to be covered with your fingers and while stretching the tape with your other hand, make one complete revolution and bring the tape firmly onto itself

(3) Wrap the tape around the unit or area in a half-lap fashion, pulling hard and stretching the tape, utilizing the maximum stretch capability of the tape. 

(4) When you have reached the other end of the end of the area to be sealed, reverse direction, and travel half way back. Break off any excess tape. Mash and blend the tape end firmly onto itself. Your sealing tape application is now complete.