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Contech Poly-Chem's Shrink - Installation Instructions

Contech's Poly-Chem Shrink sleeves are uniquely designed to shrink tightly over the cable and connector. The durable and reliable "Rubber Shrink Technology", shrinks 100% of the time, every time and continues to do so for the life of the product. This provides you with assurance that each application is moisture and corrosion protected. The installation of the Poly-Chem Shrink sleeve does not require heat, torches or special tools.

Poly-Chem Shrink sleeves are supplied in air-tight, three-ply laminate foil packages. These packages contain a proprietary solution that enables your protection sleeves to remain moist and fully expanded until installation. Each multiple sleeve packet has a closure mechanism that allows you to re-seal the packet after each use, ensuring that the remaining sleeves stay saturated and expanded.

Most connector and cable installations require a two or three piece shrink system, due to the size variation between the aluminum cable and the outer diameter of the connectors. The two and three piece systems utilize build-up sleeves to help increase the diameter or mass of the cable. A few connector applications may require a one piece sleeve, and this requires a slight installation modification as outlined under "Installation Procedures".

Follow the cable manufacturer's recommended preparation and coring specifications. Remove flooding compound, dirt or moisture from the cable end. Assure that the cable end and connector are free of any moisture prior to installation. Trapping moisture under the sleeve will create unsightly surface corrosion to the connector and cable.

Installation Procedures for Hardline Cable/Connector Applications

Installation Procedures for Drop Cable “F” Connector Applications