Power Line Surge Suppressors

PLS-125Z 110V Power Line Surge Suppressor

Power Line Surge Suppressors
PLS-125P Plug-In 110V Power Line Surge Suppressor
PLS-225Z Dual 110V Power Line Surge Suppressor
PLS-220Z 220V Power Line Surge Suppressor
PLS-125Z 110V Power Line Surge Suppressor

Protect CATV power supplies, and eliminate breaker outages

The PLS-125Z reduces outages and subscriber complaints by eliminating breaker outages, blown fuses in power supplies, and damage to power supplies due to voltage transients, surges, spikes and lightning. The PLS-125Z also protects expensive headend equipment from over voltage related damage.

Installed in the breaker box. Prevents breaker outages and protects power supplies.


  • On Line LED Indicator
  • No maintenance shock-proof case, May be installed inside power supply.
  • Handles up to 80,000 Amps. More current handling capacity then other brands.
  • Five Year Warranty. Cable Innovation's assurance of Quality.