Drop Line Surge Suppressors

DLPS-15DP Drop Line Surge Suppressor

Drop Line Surge Suppressors
DLPS-SAT1 LNB/Satellite Dish Surge Suppressor
DLPS-15DF Surge Suppressor/High Pass Filter
DLPS-15DP Drop Line Surge Suppressor
DLPS-15D Drop Line Surge Suppressor

Protect converter boxes, modems and subscriber's equipment. Same as DLPS-15D, but with a pass through port case configuration.

The DLPS-15DP offers longer life, greater current handling capacity and faster response than any other type of drop protection.

Developed and patented by Cable Innovations the DLPS-15DP protects drop line electronics from damaging faults due to surges, transients, spikes and lightning. The DLPS-15DP using Sidactor technology protects in both directions (from the house and from cable drop line). With a trigger sensing time of one nanosecond, it will virtually eliminate damage to drop line electronics caused by over voltages.

If you are currently using Zener diodes, gas discharge tubes, MOVs or just a ground block, you are taking unnecessary risks with your equipment and with your subscriber electronics.


  • Any drop, replaces ground block. Primarily to be used inside an enclosure.


  • Pass through case. To support pedestal and junction box wiring
  • Solid state surge protection, for reliability and durability
  • High Speed Sidactor┬«
  • Handles 500 Amps.
  • Dual direction protects from the house, and to the house.
  • UL approved
  • Power Passing the DLPS-15DP passes up to 1 amp of power.
  • Meets NEC 830-30