Surge Protection

DLPS-15D Drop Line Surge Suppressor

Drop Line Surge Suppressors
DLPS-SAT1 LNB/Satellite Dish Surge Suppressor
DLPS-15DF Surge Suppressor/High Pass Filter
DLPS-15DP Drop Line Surge Suppressor
DLPS-15D Drop Line Surge Suppressor

Protect set tops, modems and subscribers equipment

The DLPS-15D offers longer life, greater current handling capacity and faster response than any other type of protection.

Developed and patented by Cable Innovations the 1GHz DLPS-15D protects drop line electronics from damaging faults due to surges, transients, spikes and lightning. The DLPS-15D, using dual direction Sidactor technology, protects in both directions from the house and from the cable drop line. With a trigger sensing time of one nanosecond, the DLPS-15D will virtually eliminate damage to drop line electronics caused by over voltages.

If you are currently using Zener diodes, gas discharge tubes, MOVs or just a ground block, you are taking unnecessary risks with your equipment and with your subscriber electronics.


  • Any drop, replaces ground block.


  • Solid state surge protection, for reliability and durability
  • High Speed Sidactor┬«
  • Handles 1000 Amps.
  • Dual direction protects from the house, and to the house.
  • UL approved
  • Power Passing the DLPS-15D passes up to 1 amp of power.
  • Meets NEC-830-30